Tq Stranger!!

Do I have to answer to every question ask by the stranger.
especially regarding my marital status.
I'm telling you that I'm happy now.
I don't want to bother my mind with unnecessary things.

Last night when I'm surfing on the net.. I found this beautiful song by Kunto Aji: Terlalu lama sendiri.

The lyric really make me smile. Just love it. I hope you can go and try to find  it and listen to the song.

the song goes like this:

Sudah terlalu lama sendiri
Sudah terlalu lama aku asyik sendiri
Lama tak ada yang menemani rasanya.

pagi ke malam hari tak pernah terlintas di hati
Bahkan di saat sendiri aku tak pernah merasa sepi
Sampai akhirnya aku sedari
aku tak bisa terus begini
aku harus berusaha 
tapi mulai dari mana.

Yup, the lyric goes really well with my situation.
Some of my friends said the reasons why I'm feeling this way is because I the kind of too independent person.
I can do anything by myself.
I really don't mind going somewhere by myself.
even though I have to bear to weird looking eyes.
looking at me, sitting alone while having my coffee or dinner..
but still I'm just happy.

So to the strangers that keep on asking me those unnecessary questions.
You don't have to care bother about me.
I can take care of myself.
I know you just concern about me, 
I really appreciate it.
Thank You stranger


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