Choose or Ignore!!

decision making
some people really hate people who did this.
me too
But i still need to make that decision
I'm rather having a monologue rather than talking to people to reason my behaviour.
that was my choice
now, as a teacher, most of my students, they are really creative in making reasons if they are making a mistakes.
that is their choice

I remember back in school, I'm also quite a trouble maker. but every time I got caught I never bother to give reasons to my teachers for my behaviour. 
I hate telling them, because I used to think that people don't bother.
sometimes, they really don't bother, sometime they do
most of the time who care?
I rather accept the punishment then explain myself.
now kids don't even mind to lie to their teacher.

However, being a teacher, I really need to be more open and accept all kind of students I have.
Difficult, InsyaAllah it might be worthy in the end.

People can change.
I change.
I do change
not much
But still.
To change people, it;s a whole other story

some effort need to be done to change.
work on it.

we choose to change, everyone need to choose what they want.
First they need to know what they want.

There always a choice available for us to choose.

Even when it comes to norms that feel impenetrably strong, where no choice seems to exist, there is always a choice. You can choose what to eat. You can choose to drop out of school and you can choose to study hard or not
Sartre said, “We are condemned to be free.” 
my take on this, choose what ever you want to change to be better.
not making a choice is also a choice.
It is this power of choice—to be an agent of good and bad for ourselves
sometimes when we make a decision and the result is not good as we expected and we felt like it was a mistake. don't worry, we do learn from mistakes.
we also grow wiser.

Alhamdulillah, done for today. Hoping for a better tomorrow.

Just a simple thought after what happen today. InsyaALLAH.


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