26 September 2016

Our choice that we have and we had

We each have moments in our lives where we wished we had chosen differently or are unsure of how to proceed.   For me, these moments exist most of the time, in times when thoughtless words were spoken in moments of frustration and in gestures of unkindness to the people that I love.  We get so busy, tired, and hyper-focused on our problems that we act out of habit or automaticity and engage in actions before recognizing our choice. 

If we stopped for a moment, we might observe our tendency to make decisions based on the way we feel and the incessant thoughts running through our minds rather than from the place in our hearts that are the truest expression of who we are.

Maybe for you, that moment existed today, yesterday, or last year. Or maybe it hasn’t happened yet; perhaps it’s a decision you are contemplating but have not decided on, a fork in the road between the person you are capable of being and a decision that is easy, convenient, or safe.

This is a simple reminder that our lives are characterized by actions; that every single action or inaction made is the result of a choice. 

Choices exist in the words we speak, how we express our emotions, and the kinds of people we allow into our lives.  The people we let stay and the people we let go.  We have choices in what we consume, how we feel, and the way we move our bodies. Choices in the purchases we make, the money we do or do not save, the activities we engage in, and the information we take in through the brightly lit screens on our telephones, computers, televisions, and games.  Decisions also exist in what we choose not to do, like not finishing the degree, not quitting the job, or establishing healthy boundaries for ourselves.  You can decide to quiet your voice or shout from the top of your lungs, to pause, or to constantly move from one place of busyness to the next.  Maybe you routinely make the decision to treat yourself with less love and kindness than you deserve.

This is a reminder that we can choose to show up in every situation with the parts of ourselves that are calm, compassionate, honest, wise, and healthy.  And on some days and in some moments you might be able to rationalize your actions even when the deepest part of yourself knows you are wrong.  Maybe you’re frustrated and justified in your anger, but you still have the choice to let go of that hurt.  You still have the choice to move on, to accept what is, and to forgive.  You can take a step in the direction of your goals despite how difficult the journey may be, and no matter how unmotivated you feel; this is a gentle reminder that changes happen in our lives only when we choose to make them.

You’ll encounter situations that break your heart and still you can choose to put the pieces back together, to heal, to love deeply, and trust again.  You’ll meet people who are hurtful and unkind and you can still offer them grace and the light that you are.   And when you can’t offer that, perhaps make the decision to not act.  Your choice is in the inaction, in the pause. You may find situations that challenge you, and you can choose to try, to learn, and to grow.
When we choose to act in congruence with the best version of ourselves- with the light and loving kindness that exists within all of us- we slowly start to become all that we already are.
we exist in the depth of our choices.
and don't ever forget to ask from Allah to guide us to make the best decision out of the choices He gives to us. 

14 September 2016

Begedil oh begedil

Bukan lah rajn sangat nak meng update recipe dalam blog ni. Tapi sebab malas nak taip recipe yang sama banyak-banyak kali. So everytime orang mintak aku just bagi link blog. mudahkan. meringankan kerja.

Begedil ni pun antara benda yang aku bukanlah hantu sangat, tapi my family memang suka. Even time bulan puasa memang akan ada order yang masuk. Sangat la kagum tengok orang makan semangkuk soto boleh letak sampai 4-5 biji begedil.

Reminder: aku tak jual, I cook only on personal request. Plus macam kawan-kawan abah mintak untuk order tu, aku kira ambik duit untuk beli bahan je. upah la seposen dua untuk 3-5 jam buat mende alah ni.

recipe ni kalau buat sikit tak susah pun. tapi renyah kalu buat untuk banyak-banyak.

And minimun biasa sekali godek tak kurang dari 3kg kentang. dapat dekat 150 biji begedil. size dia suka hati besar kecik.

Begedil ni, kalau buat banyak memang untuk stok di frozen kan sekali la.
So kalau tetiba rasa nak makan soto, just tinggal buat kuah je, kluar kan begedil yang frozen tu tadi.

so recipe yang share ni, untuk 1kg kentang. ikut size gentel la, maybe dapat la dalam 35-50 biji. tengok size.



1kg kentang ( dikukus @ rebus)
250g isi ayam dicincang halus(kalau nak guna yang isi ayam frozen pun boleh or daging kalau suka)
1 labu bawang besar( cincang halus, bukan blend ye)
6 ulas bawang putih minced
1 inci halia minced
1 cawan daun sup dipotong halus
1/2 cawan daun bawang di potong halus
3 sudu besar bawang goreng

4 sudu besar gula
1 sudu besar garam
1-2 sudu besar lada sulah
1 sudu perencah hilal(optional)

p/s: untuk seasoning n, baru anggaran kasar. tambah atau kurangkan mengikut cita rasa masing-masing.

how to cook?

cara dia terlalu lah mudah. first lenyek kentang tu sampai betul hancur. then masuk semua bahan lain dan gaul sebati. Then boleh gentel mengikut size yang digemari.

untuk goreng: biasa guna pan dekat rumah sebab dia leper, letak minyak anggar dia cukup-cukup tenggelam je. tak payah sampai begedl tu berenang dalam tu. celup telur then goreng. 
reminder, time goreng tu terbalikkan sekali je, kalau tak memang hancur la begedil tu. bab menggoreng la leceh sekali. kalu rumah ni, kalau time menggoreng memang guna garfu je. untuk terbalikkan or even utk angkat.

tips: untuk kentang biasa cari yang isi dia warna kuning, kalau guna jenis russet isi dia putih tu. setakat experiment dekat rumah jarang la menjadi begedil nya. dan menggoreng tu guna api sederhana sahaja. p/s: kalau untuk rebus or kukus tu, biasa basuh bersih-bersih kentang tu and masak dengan kulit-kulit dia sekali. dah lepas empuk and nak lenyek tu baru buang kulit dia..

13 September 2016

My kind of pasta sauce.

Truthfully, I actually got tired of eating my own pasta.
personally because I think I haven't stop cooking it since the last hari raya.
open houses, order from family and friends, plus for my school feast and my mama.
I'm more toward marinara kind of person rather than carbonara or alfredo sause.

Still I am happy that people like it. For this recipe it goes a long way of try and error.
even until today, I still change the recipe according to my taste. and sometime I change because to cut the cost when people order from me. I can't say that I'm taking order or sell it because it's just only personal request. 

plus please mind that recipe total not certified by anyone. just merely try and error.
if you like it, totally my pleasure to share this. This recipe for 4-5 servings.



200g small dice boneless chicken
1 onion small dice
2 tablespoon mince garlic
1/2 cup of slice celery
1 cup of mushroom
4 pieces of bay leaves
2 tablespoon butter
3 tablespoon of flour
1 liter of milk
salt and pepper(or black pepper up to your taste) to taste
1 chicken cube.
oregano and fresh parsley.
half cup of any cheese of your choice.

How to Cook?

1. heat around 3 tablespoon of oil (any cooking oil or olive oil)
2. add onion,garlic and celery. stir it for a while.
3. add your chicken and season with salt and pepper. stir until the chicken is cook.
4. put all the ingredient on one side of your pot. put your fire on the smallest volume.
5. add butter and let it melt and add the flour. stir it for a while with the whole ingredient.
5. slowly add the milk. make sure that the flour not clump together before you put the rest of the milk.
6. put the rest of the ingredient. let it cook. 
7. serve with any kind of pasta.

for variety.
add meatball and use any short pasta and turn it into one pot pasta.
boil your pasta half cook, throw the water and put the sauce you already prepare and add some meat ball. let it cook. together in one pot. then it ready to serve. p/s: for extra tang, you can even bake the pasta using the same sauce and the sprinkle with lots of mozzarella and Parmesan. 

p/s: for the thickness of the sauce, you can change according to your taste. less thick just add some water and for extra thickness your add more flour or maybe heavy cream. 

Totally ready to go. 

10 September 2016


how she wish she can tell people easily how she felt
how she wish she just can cry out when she feels sad
how she wish she can just smile all day long when she is happy
how she wish she can share all her burden on someone else.

but that just a wish.
nothing come as easy as what she wish for.
when an introvert trying to appear as extrovert as possible
usually it is easy for everyone else
but things always getting harder for her.

sometime her extrovert part just want to let it out whenever she can
but her introvert part just can't find the right way to do it.
every time she try, she end up having a regret.

because she don't want to have any regret
she took pride in appearing as if she cared less
as if she didn't care at all
that way she trick her own mind
knowing that once people left her behind
she won't fall as hard as when others push her

just because she kept all close, her feeling, her word and her soul
believe that what she has inside her is bigger than the world.