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Singapore BFF Trip

For the past two months, I have to say that my working life definitely demand the best of me to complete all sort of task. At some point, I can feel that even my thinking ability doesn't function well. I don't even dare to put any plan about my life. I barely read my reading list.

Shafiyah and Rhodiyah have been mentioning about going on a trip together. But all of us know that our demanding life not going to allow us to have a solid backpacking plan. More likely, the way we promise each other is ; whatever will be, will be... InsyaAllah.

We have been mentioning Singapore for the past two months, but no one said anything about confirming the trip, not until 1 week before the date that we suppose to go.

The moment I ask in our group ; Are we going next week?

Everyone immediately reply that they have been wanting to ask the same thing for quite sometimes already, but life caught us up. Basically, we complete all our booking exactly 4 days before our departure. Alhamdulillah, eve…

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