This is just the Beginning


Today is a happy day for me. Thank You Allah for choosing this path for me.

 3rd place in Scrabble competition
93.3% passing rate for my last year subject in 2014 SPM.
short date with one of my best friend

To my dearest students

Some of them are crying, some of them quite happy with what they get.
I can understand that some of them are quite disappointed with their results


This is just the beginning of their journey.

I have gone through that path.

I'm not saying that it was easy,

but we need to keep on trying and standing no matter what we face.

I know that sometimes we have regret about our past

just took it to be a positive thing.
and here I'm today

yet I'm still in the learning process to be a better me.

As they are happy, I'm already satisfied.

i know that I still need to learn on how to be a better teacher.

The thing that keep on praying for my students are for them to achieve something so much better than me.

I really started to fall in love with this profession.

May Allah guide me to go on this journey


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