Pick your book!

Happy Friday!!

what book do you pick for the weekend?

this is my pick.
When I bought it I thought it is a book on poem interpretation.
But no, it is a fiction.
I always said that it is such a waste if you don't read.

Reading not suppose to be a hobby but a habits
something that we need to force to do.
End up loving this.

For me I still remember when I was a little girl,
my Mama and Abah bought me a few set of little reader.
fairy tails, prophet story, and even ancient Asian story.
I still remember that red cover book with really yellowish paper.
of course it is an English book!
Not saying that I understand everything that I read.
But believe me that where it's start.

Some said that teacher should instill this habits to their students.
But I think it is more effective if parents start it from home.

Don't wait till tomorrow.
Pick a book now
and start reading.

Have this pleasure of reading.

I don't think anything's more rewarding than hearing that you've helped someone gain a love of reading.
Happy bookend people!!


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