The Adviser???

Alhamdulillah, dapat cuti sehari hari ni.

Dapat la rest badan sikit. Sejak kerja, tak dapat di nafikan dah rasa macam orang tua orang dewasa. cepat aje penat. Balik je sekolah terus hilang segala daya badan ni. Tak mampu buat apa-apa. :) 
so lame.

today, since the morning, my phone keep on beeping almost non-stop.

like everyone know that I'm having a holiday.

since early in the morning I received a few text asking for some kind of advice from me.  

first, from my students ask my opinion about what should they do after the SPM

Next, a few of my junior asking my opinion about teaching and IV..

I'm so not the kind of person who are good at giving advice.

usually I just go with my gut..
even though I know that don't really have much of it.

I try to give my best advice as possible.still, they need to make their own decision.
No one really know what you want,
sometimes, we think that we are telling people everything,
yet there always something that we keep to our self.
that something is the keyword to the decision that we are about to make.

sometimes we just think that we just grow older,
we forgot we also need to grow wiser.

All the best to each of you, We never know what Allah has plan for our future but still we need to work really hard to achieve what the best for us.

sometimes, the choice that we have are very limited, however that limitation going to open to a better journey for us. InsyaAllah.

don't give up
work hard
keep praying.

nothing is easy in our life
but the hardship help us
grow stronger.


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