bad day as a new teacher!!

Orang kata marah itu tanda sayang.

yesterday was really bad..
I got really angry at my few of my students.
They tried to skip from my class.
I managed to caught 4 of them.
I really put a good word to them.

however what annoyed me was, all four of them come from a below average income.
their family income was just rm400
their parents give them at least rm 3 each and one of them have 5 siblings.
so can you see why I'm not angry?
they come to school, but don't even put a tiny bits of efforts to study.
nor thinking on how to thanks their parents.
I almost cry when I scold them.
I don't who is your family
all I care is your attitude.

Don't they have a heart to change their family.
be a better person.

sedihnya jadi mak ayah budak-budak ni.
pagi petang mintak duit dengan mak ayah.
mak ayah datang hantar datang sekolah.
tapi belajar tak mahu.
They just come to school to play around wasting time.
Niat datang sekolah nak dapat duit belanja.
kalau tak datang tak dapat la duit.

Bengang betul kepala cikgu ni.
after I grounded them, I ask them to make a promise to not repeated their mistake again. or else
I'm going to call their parents and have a good word with their parents too.

It is really hard for me, I don't know what to do.
I feel really bad, I mean really really bad.
I'm know not good enough to be a good teacher.
But I still I'm hoping that I can educate them to be a better person. really hoping for that.

For those who say that being a teacher is easy.
You don't know what you are talking about.


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