My week.

After the school break everybody know how hectic the teachers life could be.
Otak almost tak berfungsi.
First day; Sleep Deprivation
Second day; Migraine
Fifth day: hmmmmm.

one whole weeks I only manage to read 2 pages from my book.

To loosen my stress , I ask my lil brother to take me out.
Of course his choice was 
The new Coffee shop in Town


I think the name is quite unique.
I remember that my late grandma used to call Coffee: kawe.
it sound very different from kelantanese kawe for friends
for kawe in kelantanese it sound like E in ekor
but for kawe it sound like E in Emak
In Terengganu it is another name for classic coffee powder.

I tried Caramel Machiato. 
Really not bad.
not too sweet and not too dark.
My brothers choose Pure Caramel and Caramel Hazelnut Frappe

See, our taste really just the same.
everyone choose Caramel element.
our favourite.
But only me go for the real coffee taste.
Theirs are really sweet.

self service

the Cheese cake really sweet.

Pure Caramel

my Caramel Machiato

Hoping for a better week and happy weekend. 


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