Book and Movie

I really need a good book and movie right now, 
My mind needs an adventure and my body need a good rest.

Being a full time worker really didn't help me to live my dream life.
I'm the kind of person who need to be free
knot no tie
vacation any time and anywhere I want.
Do what ever I want without a limitation.

All I need is freedom.

Shame on me.
In school, I'm one of the disciplinary teacher.
I ask the students to follow rules.

However I tell them that you still can break the rules.
All you need to dois be smart.
And Study hard.
Of course the most important thing is Do Not Be Rude!!
Rude is offensive.
Most teacher don't care whether the students are clever or not.
All we care are about the respect and hardwork that the students show.

Coffee give you a wonderful escapism

Someone asks me whether I want to stay in this career or not.
I'm not sure sure about that yet.
I need to work hard first,
Then I lets my destiny choose for me.

So for now, I need to manage my time properly
and date with a good book and movie..
The moment of escapism is really important in my life
coz I need to wrap myself 
telling myself that I'm okay.

Even though my book shelf is kind of full, But it never feel like enough.


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