Insyaallah in Malay!!!!!!!!!!!

one of my fav song especially when i feel lost and alone..
this song always remain me where i should give my hope..
when i lost all other option..

just now, i saw bro Maher post at facebook:

"Alhamdulilah I've just arrived in Bahrain and getting ready for tomorrow’s concert. The Australia Tour was amazing and I'm looking forward to going back there soon isA.. All the fans (especially the Malaysian ones) were very supportive in all the 3 concerts, and I will have a surprise for all my Malaysian fans when I visit Malaysia later this year insha Allah. Are you ready for the song "Insha Allah" in Malay? ;-)"

Maher Zain recognize Malaysia..
tiba2 aku merasa bangga menjadi anak Malaysia.(^_^)
literally he going to learn Malay language..

fufufu..(sedang mengembang kebangsaan)

seriously, i just can't wait for that concert.. nk pergi.. so ni nk kene start saving utk penuhkan stok duit. sbb 6ti nk kene tunaikan wishing list sendiri.. bukannya ada org lain yg nk kasi percume je kat aku..usaha tangga kejayaan..

i hope that his concert going to be a big success.. semoga mesej yg dia sampaikan lagu2 dia akan sampai ke hati peminat.. we back to Islam n take Islam as our way of life..


sya mansor said…
I might be one of his many reasons to write such a status as I actually said to him "I'm from Malaysia!!!" and he was like "oh.. thank you bla bla bla" (couldn't catch up the rest as I was too excited).

hehe... theory ini sangat boleh dipakai
rhapsody_sufi said…
yolah sya...
so aku nk kene kate thank you ke mu sbb buat maher zain sudi mari malaysia..

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