hold on to something

At this moment,
I feel like losing myself.
Need to hold on to something,
But that something is missing.

I know that I already reach my limitation,
No more strength to even lift a finger.
what else arguing with the world!
daze into nothing

shred into million pieces
nothing seems valueable
nothing seems realistic
nothing seems hopeful

always hope for the easiest ways.
but I realize,

I need that something
A shoulder to cry on
Ear that willing to listen 
Helping hand
one who try to understands
When things don't go as I've planned
I hope I still worth it all

but it just a simple wish
small hope
tiny dream

nothing comes easy in life.
not every wish can come true
not every hope is possible
not every dream is achievable

but nothing is impossible
there always something for me
to hold on to.

the greatest value of human being
the harder we get push, the stronger we grow.
even when we left in the situation where no option left
but be strong!
there always a room for improvement.

something that I need to hold on to
is already here.
Inside me.


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