27 July 2010

Insyaallah in Malay!!!!!!!!!!!

one of my fav song especially when i feel lost and alone..
this song always remain me where i should give my hope..
when i lost all other option..

just now, i saw bro Maher post at facebook:

"Alhamdulilah I've just arrived in Bahrain and getting ready for tomorrow’s concert. The Australia Tour was amazing and I'm looking forward to going back there soon isA.. All the fans (especially the Malaysian ones) were very supportive in all the 3 concerts, and I will have a surprise for all my Malaysian fans when I visit Malaysia later this year insha Allah. Are you ready for the song "Insha Allah" in Malay? ;-)"

Maher Zain recognize Malaysia..
tiba2 aku merasa bangga menjadi anak Malaysia.(^_^)
literally he going to learn Malay language..

fufufu..(sedang mengembang kebangsaan)

seriously, i just can't wait for that concert.. nk pergi.. so ni nk kene start saving utk penuhkan stok duit. sbb 6ti nk kene tunaikan wishing list sendiri.. bukannya ada org lain yg nk kasi percume je kat aku..usaha tangga kejayaan..

i hope that his concert going to be a big success.. semoga mesej yg dia sampaikan lagu2 dia akan sampai ke hati peminat.. we back to Islam n take Islam as our way of life..

23 July 2010

my long day...

hari yang paling penat stakat ini di sem 1, 2nd year ni..
almost 12 jam aku "bertapa" kat education building..
start dengan kelas Grammar,
masuk plak kelas IT,
THen my digital photography class..
hehe..lawak terasa, dah la xde camera sendiri..
tibe-tibe terus pinjam abg punye..
ambik kau..DSLr sejibik dia kasi aku pinjam..
dah la x pandai gune..haru-biru menekan punat-punat yg sepatutnya..
Dr.Kamal tanye itu ini.. aku pending je..

tapi bila dia suruh g ambik gambar..
tangkap je lah ape yg patut..
tema hari ni: LOVE GREEN!!!!
kebetulan jugak hari aku pun pakai green you..(^_^)

the result:

aci redah je: ni lah hasil bila budak buta nilai2 artistik snap picture..

kelas hari ni berakhir dgn special education need, aku pun x tau dah ke mane kepala aku time tu.. focus semua dah flying without wing..
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22 July 2010

Tidur oh tidur....

have u ever had a problem with your sleeping pattern???.. i do.. it suck having this of prob.. sometimes i even cry when because i want to sleep but i can't (hoho).. i try so many thing yet the problem keep haunting me. so i do googling about my problem..so just want to share one article with eveyone. (walaupun aku x suke posting panjang2 ni tapi i might get some benefit from this one)..

Your alarm goes off, and you realize that it is time to get up again, but your body protests, trying to snuggle back under the warm covers for some well deserved rest. You have again, like so many nights, tossed and turned the whole night, your eyes are burning fiercely from exhaustion, and you are suffering from these extreme yawning fits that are all beyond your control. You have once again not slept a wink...! Does this sound familiar to you? (yes to me)

You are then one of the millions of people all over the world who suffers from sleep deprivation. But take heart, there are certain things that you can do to ensure you get the restful shut-eye, that well deserved good nights sleep that your mind and body needs. By understanding the science of sleep, is your first step towards saying good bye to those sleepless nights of counting sheep forever.(yet i never trying to count sheep bcoz that seem so stupid to me)

Normal sleep is divided into non-rapid (NREM) and rapid (REM) eye movement sleep, Then the NREM is further divided into deeper stages of sleep, these are N1, N2 and N3, this is also known as deep or delta-wave sleep, which as they progress, requires stronger stimuli for a person to be awakened from.

REM sleep has tonic and phasic components. This phasic REM is characterized by rapid eye movement, muscle twitches and respiratory variability, in other words, it is a light period of sleep from which we are easily awakened. Whereas tonic REM involves persistent movement, including voluntary muscle inhibition.

Each of these phases of sleep has its specific functions. In the deepest phase of sleep, the N3 stage or NREM stage, our hormones and neurotransmitters, such as the growth hormones, testosterone, serotonin and may others are released into our bodies. Therefore a decrease in this type of sleep can cause you to gain weight, resistance to insulin, give you mood swings and even cause depression.

Meanwhile, REM sleep plays a major role in our memory and concentration functions, a decrease in this REM sleep causes a decrease in cognitive functioning.(agak2 ada relation tak dengan kepala aku yg x berapa betul ni??)

Some of the most common sleep disorders that affect many people around the world includes snoring, sleep apnoea, insomnia and restless leg syndrome. These all contribute to excessive daytime sleepiness, irritability, weight gain, diabetes, chronic hypertension, cardiovascular disease and immunodeficiency. Therefore most medical practitioners agree that six to eight hours of quality restful sleep (dh tu pukul brape nk kene tidur? pukul brape nk kene bangun??) every night is essential to our mental and physical health. Thus enabling the body and mind to repair and replenish itself, it is essential for body and brain tissue to be able to restore itself, as well as to regulate your body temperature.

To be deprived of sleep, not only results in a decrease in core body temperature, immune system function and the release of growth hormones, but is also implicated as a major cause in heart rate variability.

Lack of sleep and sleeping problems can be attributed to a number of factors, which includes stress, anxiety, depression and even psychiatric and psychological conditions. Anxiety and depression can lead to insomnia, this is a sleeping disorder where a person is unable to fall asleep even when the conditions are permissive to a good sleeping environment. But some people have primary insomnia with no underlying causes at all.

Then the economic situation with it's stressors can also cause a disrupted sleep pattern. Financial problems are associates with increased anxiety, causing high frequency brain activity which results in inability to fall asleep.(ermm, aku byk gune brain activity ke?? (^_^)..)

Some researches has also shown that unhealthy lifestyle habits do contribute greatly to sleep disorders as well. Here the culprits are emotional distress, originating from anger or anxiety, substance abuse such as caffeine, nicotine and alcohol, or to disturb your natural body clock, (circadian rhythm) with having an irregular sleep schedule and pattern(this is my major prob), for example, taking naps during the day, or staying up late-night. Disturbing the natural body clock is also common amongst who work shifts, students who pull all-nighters with studying.

Also environmental factors that should be taken into account such as noise, bright lights, and unfamiliar surroundings does play a role in sleep deprivation.

If you are one of the many people world wide that suffer from sleep problems, some small lifestyle adjustments might just solve your problem, like changing to a well balanced diet and doing some regular exercise. If your body functions properly, you are more likely to wake up with the energy you need to tackle a new day, with enough relaxing satisfying sleep.

Do not sleep in a room with extreme temperature, this uncontrollable and uncomfortable room temperatures will prevent your from falling asleep and disrupt your sleep.

Do not turn your bedroom into an entertainment centre, avoid having your TV, computer ( yg ni susah skit kot) or games console in your bedroom because it will distract you from your much need deserved sleep.

Some pointers on what not to do when you want to fall asleep, and the first one is not to lie awake in bed. When you have trouble sleeping, rather read a book or listen to some relaxing calming music, until you fall asleep.

Some more tips on how to achieve a good nights rest.

Try to relax before your bedtime, bedtime rituals like a warm relaxing bubble bath or reading makes falling asleep much easier.

Set a regular bedtime, and a regular wake up time. Have a set schedule that you stick to, during the week and weekends.

Watch what you eat before bedtime. It has been proven that eating a large, heavy meal before sleeping causes discomfort and the meal interferes with your sleep.

Do some breathing exercises to relax your mind and body to encourage sleep. Breathe in deeply from your abdomen, and through your nose for three seconds. Then breathe out for three seconds. Then pause for another three seconds before starting all over with breathing in again for three seconds... and so you continue this exercise every night for about ten minutes.

p/s: paling penting before tidur, ambik wuduk, baca al-mulk, n baca doa tidur..( mendisiplinkan diri memang sakit pada permulaannya n nak bentuk diri perlukan effort dari diri sendiri dulu..)

and one of the major cause of my problem is my discipline. tak pernah nk tegas dengan diri sendiri..

20 July 2010

makan, makan dan makan..

mAKAN?? perlu ke makan?? keperluan kah makan??

stress pikir pasal masalah ni.. even now i have one of the best solution,
but... mendidik nafsu untuk makan itu tak sesenang melafazkan ABC lorh..

berat badan ni kejap naik kejap.. kalu time dia statik lagi tension...argh!!

yang aku persoalkan bukan soal nk cantik ke ape ke..
tapi masalahnye all this thing sumbang pada masalah kesihatan aku..
migrain, gastrik, angin n mcm2 la lagi...

bile pikir2 blk.. aku makan bukan sbb lapar tp sebab nafsu..
tgk itu nk makan, tgk ini nak mkn..

kalau dh start makan.. sense of kenyang dah tercampak tepi longkang la jwbnye..

makan satu hal.. dh makan byk2 bukannya tau nak pergi exercise..
sebulan sekali pun pyh..jauh sekali 3 kali seminggu..

argh!!! aku MARAH ni !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

marah kat sape?? marah kat diri sendiri la..

dah tau ada masalah kene la cube selesaikan..
berat tu bknnye turun mcm tu je.. kalau x usahaa.. xde MAKNENYE!!!!!!

p/s: aku x kisah about my shape.. but i really care about my health....susahnya nk disiplin kan diri..

13 July 2010

alhamdulillah.. finish my 2nd days of new semester.. so far everything seem to be good..
tibe2 teringat perkara yang aku belajar dari someone yang sangat rendah diri, dia tak pernah nk menyusahkan org lain.. i think she one of the leader yg aku sgt2 respect..
kalau kita nk orang lain buat apa yang kita nk, kita kene buat dulu perkara tu...
kalau kita nk orang berubah, kita perlu ubah diri kita dulu..
kalau kita nk orang respect kita, kita kene blaja respect orang dulu..
kalau kita nk orang sayang kita, kita kene blaja syg org dulu..
kalau kita nk Allah syg kita?? what should we do?
just behave like we want to, or behave like what Allah love??

p/s: got my new room mate for this 2 from malaysia n the other one from INDIA..haha she said my name is cool..ok fine..(^_^)

12 July 2010

class di tahun baru..

Back to School...
dh jd second year student..
first day class..mcm2 perasaan yang ada dlm hati ni..
terngiang-ngiang kat telinga ni harapan dr mama n abah yg dok harap their girl ni dpt further
study lagi jauh dr ape yg diorg dh achieve..
tp aku still main2 je.. as far as i remember, aku x pernah serius dlm blaja..
semua redah ikut law sendiri.. rase nk dtg2, rase nk buat2.. kalu dh hati kate x nak susah la..
every sem mesti ada azam baru.. tp yg susahnye...mase awalnye semangat berapi..
makin hari makin malap..susah2..
this sem aku redah ambik 21.5 credit..
(mak cik ko larat ke?? soal hati sendiri)
tp yg pasti byk nk kene pulun.. tgk pd senarai subject sure project melambak..
dh pulak tukar minor it..(bile bdk bute IT buat aci redah ambik IT) hoho
ada lah mangsa yg terpaksa menolong aku siapkan project( tolong ke??)
ni x termasuk lagi job2 lain yg wajib ditunaikan..
whatever it is.. mendidik pendidik...
it not the easy job.. you get what you give...
peringatan utk diri.. mcm mane aku behave dpn cikgu aku.
mcm tu jgk la student aku akan behave dgn aku..
oh no....