Friendship and Coffee

When people ask you what is the meaning of a bestfriend?
For real, I can't really define it.
What is the best word you can use to define the best people in your life without under value them.
What should I say?
bestfriend is someone who always with you?
bestfriend is someone who always text you?
bestfriend is someone your treat you the best?

so, what if you bestfriend is incapable of doing that?
Are they going to stop being your bestfriend?
Once you define that person as your friend, they are also be your bestfriend
no matter what happen,
if it turn bad, you don't have to hate them, just take it as part of life that taught you about life and growing up.

My friend said best friend is someone who come in your life, sooth your heart and ease your mind just with their presence . Even though you are miles apart, your know that they are always there for you.

I think in friendship we should not have any expectation.
We can not set any rules to our friendship,
Lay our heart and just accept it just the way they are.
Once we set up the expectation, that was the breaking point of our friendship.
The key point is Ikhlas.
if anything go wrong, we need to think that it is the way that Allah want to strengthen our relationship.
We have been friend for 14 years and counting. I can only ask Allah to help me keeps this friendship till Jannah. InsyaAllah

Everyone make mistakes, we need to learn how to forgive them because we never know when it will be our turn to ask for their forgiveness.
forgive and love. That is something we should learn from friendship.

She really wanna come here, last time we came it closed. Alhamdulillah this time sempat.

our cuppa, she choose Cappuccino and Butterscotch latte for me.

book and coffee cannot be apart.

chicken ball itu tidak dijual ye, kami seludup masuk, balance dari picnic.suka hati bawak masuk makanan dekat kedai orang kan. 

I am not a good friend, I make mistakes now and then, but I keep trying to be better. There are no way we can stop learning especially to be better. We not perfect because there is always a room for improvement in our life as a human. We just a humble servant, the companions we get in our life is a god gift. Appreciate it, we don't just expect them to be better without we start trying to be better on our own. there are not shortcut in gaining a great friendship without sacrifice and sincerity.

Friendship is just like a coffee, 
if we don't brew it, we will never get the  taste and the pleasant aroma.
so does friendship, it need tend and care in order for it to blossom.

Tq to all my friends, you guys sure mean a lot to me. without your friendship I don't think I'm capable of being me today.


Miss Sakura said…
What a touched and warming-hearted thoughts.i"m in tears while reading is such a blissful thing in my life to be able to have u as my best friend. i love u to the moon and back. Lillahi till Jannah. InshaAllah..:)
rhapsody_sufi said…
I like it when you use that name, sakura. In my phone I saved your as sakura too.

the simply what I feel after what we discussed yesterday. you are my inspiration. :)

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