how things are suppose to be!!

To be able to live today and called myself a grown up. 
takes a lot of my courage.
sometimes in life, I can feel sad for nothing,
a mixture of feeling that no one can define.
Yeah sometimes we can share what it feel like, 
but there are no best word to explain that mixture of feeling.
it takes a lot of sense for me to be able to share my thought and feeling,
and if I share it but I received no response 
I don't intent to blame anyone.
I know that I'm never good with word
so I know sometimes, the best answer is no answer.
I used to say:
If I don't have anything good to say, I rather keep myself quite.
So, I kind of expect the same things about other people.

It is not fair if we are hoping for people to give more than what we are able to give them.
we need to learn how to control the hope we want to set for others.
the higher we put the hope means more pain we're going to get when it fall.
be moderate. 

I need to learn how to arrange my own thought.
sometimes, thing just pop up out of no where.
If you read my blog, you should realized it.
when I write, I usually tend to sway from the direction I intended. :)

Human is the best creature,
we seem to be fragile
but we also have the ability to heal.
if we break our bones, it's going to grow stronger than the other.
so does our heart.

I am human, I am strong and keep growing stronger and stronger.
Allah tests me because I need to grow up and be stronger.

there are things that are meant to be broken in order for it to grow better.
this cute coffee are meant to be drink.
not related again.. hehehe.


Miss Sakura said…
random ramblings but i love it to bits.there's always hidden messages and inspired things in ur words.i'll always be ur loyal reader.teeheee..:D
rhapsody_sufi said…
hehehe, tq dear. hoping to learn more. tq for leaving your comment. really appreciate it.

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