fears of life

Every morning when I wake up, I always allow myself to think for a while. 
casual things to think: nak sambung tidur ke tak? baju dah gosok belum? pagi ni ada apa?
Then I,
Decide how I can run my day.
Thinking about all those burden waiting for me that day.
Decide how should I tackle the trouble.

The best way is to ignore unnecessary matters.

Preparing myself for the morning prayer.
That is one of the moments in our life where we pause everything
and focus on something really important.
the moments where is important except me and Allah.
it is the greatest source of energy.

some day went really well, some day went really bad.
no matter how bad it is,
I need to remember to take a moment for myself.

We can strive to fill our hearts with love and our minds with optimism as we drain our Fountain of Tears and stomp our Mountain of Fears.


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