Book Review: Trauma

Finally after 3 weeks of reading, I'm able to finish my journey. Quite a blur journey. Cooping with school, my wave of unstable emotion, life and growing older.

The story of the Psychologist who focus on PostTraumatic Disorder as his main stream of work. I learn what is trauma and how this so called trauma able be create in one mind whether they realize or not. Having his brother in-law who is also his patient, killed himself by shotting his own head after the session with Charlie. He blame himself and broke his marriage.It took a while to realise that he is also in the same condition only then he didn't realise until all the symtoms  start to show up and he lost control of himself.

Pretty sad story. Loneliness, over powering self control. End up facing his own trauma alone, without help.

I can reflect what it felt like when you always there for people, but when we are the one who need that help, we just felt helpless, hopeless and losing.

Everyone need that someone who willing. Willing to try, willing to accept, willing to give and willing to hold. Even willing to be there to accept the worse to come.

That is the reality of life.
 Being in pain without knowing
   Can't reach out because afraid of judgement.
      Not willing to understand your own situation.
        Rather running away then trying to solve it.
          Try to choose the easier path without knowing that it going to make thing harder.


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