Talking- Non Talking


some people really into this habit of talking.
But some are not really into it.

we can find pleasure in talking and also a lot of regret in talking.
sometimes when we talk, 
we do not utter the word we plan and sometimes something we utter sound differently from what we plan it to be.

Word can break someone heart, 
Word can spoil the mood
word can be misunderstand
word can be misguided

The a lot of thinking we should do before we utter anything. 
As a teacher, talking is a must.
to teach, to guide and to deliver.
choice of word, tone of the voice, content of the word.
everything must be perfectly utter.

BUT, lately I realise that I sounded really harsh and rude.
Even feeling like a vigilant among those kids.
Like I'm the bad guy, there are the one who fighting for their freedom.

Freedom of what?
Freedom of not doing homework,
Freedom to break the rules,
Freedom to do anything they wish for.

So am I the bad guy who fighting against these kids freedom?


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