Book Review: Revenge

Just finish off my second book of the month.

Revenge by Yoko Ogawa

I always reluctant to read a translated book. I think I might not get the message that the original writer try to convey in the original language,
like for this one, from Japanese to English.

Usually translated book loss it beauty on it way to another language.

but this one survive the job. 
I can still feel the beauty of this book.
I always wonder how people can write a beautiful story. what they have in their mind, what kind of life they venture. what kind of experience they taste in their journey to be able to produce this kind of beautiful story.

I'm no writer, I'm just a reader. Who enjoys all kind of story.
 Serial Killer
   Dark Tales.

This one really different from what I have before. Dark Tales of Human life,
Coincidence of knowing one another,
relationship from the darkest point in one life.
Word that coldly laid the story.

Murderers and mourners, mother and children, lovers and innocent bystanders. 
Their fates converge in an ominous and darkly beautiful web.
eeries cycle of interwoven from this writer.

Lot of things to be learn in this book. Unconditional love, selfish, ugly coincidence, acceptance and losing self control lead to the dark side.

little bit of everything shake this book quite well. 

You should try.
 4 stars.


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