Le Soleil

Le soleil
it not a Sun, but The Sun
Only one in the universe

symbol of hope.
the sign of another day is coming
sign to hope for a better day

Le soleil
oh we love The Sun
Oh we SO in love with the Sun
well not everyone do feel the same

there always someone who feel differently 
when everyone hoping for a new day
he still missing yesterday
Missng the moon that gone for the day

Le soleil
the greatest and hottest part of the universe
the power and overpowering

showing that power but still full of love and care
shine enough to wake the world
light the lost soul
spark the gray and gloomy day

Le soleil 
I miss you already
Le soleil 
I know you are there
Le soleil
You just to far away to reach.
Le soleil
Good night 
Le Soleil
Let me share my story with the Moon tonight
let's us meet again tomorrow.
Keep loving me Le Soleil

J'aime Le Soleil



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