Thank You

A reminder that I'm alive.
the question left, have I been living my life to the fullest.
what have I achieve in my life?
how much have I been giving to others?
how much knowledge I have gain and teach?
how much love have I spread?
compare to what I received, it's nothing.
 A birthday is not a celebration but the day to make a self evaluation.

Yet, today I received so much loves and prayers from people around me.
All I can say is thank you and only Allah can pay back what I received today and the rest of my life.
I'm so fortunate to have two birthday celebration in one day, three birthday cake and abundance of loves and prayers. Subhanallah, sometimes I forgot how lucky I'm to live in this world with so many people who love me. Usually in life, we are too focus with things that are so negative and stressful. 
we forget that we are suppose to be happy and grateful with what ever come and go in our  life.
Start of another day with better hope and intention.
we can be better if we want to, all we have to do is to work on it. InsyaAllah.

I have to admit that being a teacher is one of the decision that I'm still wonder whether it's right or a wrong decision. It's hard and sometimes very unbearable. But this kids sure make it feel like it worth it. Alhamdulillah. InsyaAllah I'm going to work even harder to be a better teacher.

My first birthday cake. the kids bought it with their own money. 

my second cake, special from my roommate in Bilik Pengawas.  Tq girl.

they are the mastermind of this party. Alhamdulillah we were able to finish the cake.

my kids. team Pengawas SMKBT

when I'm growing up. I know that I'm not a good daughter. 
I'm never good with word.
I don't now how to express myself.
I don't always say it.
The stronger the feeling gets to me,
the harder it gets me to say it.
Alhamdulillah today the least I can do is to treat them.
tq mama and abah for always being there for me.
tq because you never give up on me no matter how hard I have been on both of you.
and till today I know how unpredictable I can be.
Even myself, I still in the process of to get to know me.
So InsyaAllah, I'm going to start working on to be a better me. 

if I look at myself, I know that I don't deserve this. But Allah still gives this bless to me. 

all I can say today is, Alhamdulillah.
Tq Allah
Tq mama n abah
tq friends
tq kids.
I'm sorry if I'm not worth your love and compassion.


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