Book Review: Why I still Carry A Guitar

A meaningful birthday present.

Actually I asked her to help me to buy this book. This book already been on my wish list for quite a while. I been asking everyone to buy it for me, but none respond to my request. As you know Terengganu is one of state where it is quite difficult to get a good book especially English book. Then I heard the news that Yusuf Islam is coming to Malaysia to promote this book. I was super excited but very sad because I can't attend the event. With her help I manage to get the book and with the official autograph too. SubhanAllah. So happy and excited to read the book. After she posted the book, she said that she wanted to give me the book as my birthday present. Speechless and too happy. 

So after two weeks of waiting, finally I received the parcel too eager to read it. However I don't get a chance to read it because of too much work and I was quite depress. Alhamdulillah, today Allah arrange me to attend a course in KL which a hate it very much, but the good side to this, I got a proper chance to read this book. Alhamdulillah after a long 7 hours in the bus, I finally finish the book.
The moment I finished the book, it left in in awe.

The Spiritual Journey of Cat Stevens to Yusuf "Why I still carry a guitar"
By: Yusuf Islam
A glimpse of Journey from a famous singer song writer to a Muslim. Facing the judgemental society that keep on misunderstand and judging people from the cover. The things I respect from this man is the way he revert to Islam is through studying Quran and without having any muslim friends and family to teach or encourage him toward Islam. It's only between He and His Maker and The Book of guidance. It is true that Hidayah is belong to Allah. He can choose anyone he want to and in anyway He prefer.
Points I got from his journey, is learning and keep on learning. At some point through this book, I feel ashamed of myself, If I have to compare between me and Him, it is nothing because I was born as a Muslim, and I don't feel the urge to study more and I just apply to the basic knowledge that I know. But this man even go through the different school of Fiqh in order to understand the questions that everyone saying that it was Haram which is Music. The conclusion he make to pick up his guitar again was not through what people said but through research and understanding of Islam.
We as a Muslim, sometimes in life, the Ibadah and the ideas we hold a solely based on the saying and what we heard from others without knowing the based to that fact.  The culture of learning in our society is very lack. In fact, if people saying bad thing or something wrong about our religion, mostly we only debate with them with emotion and not the proper faculty of knowledge.


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