Past life

Past Life 

Everybody see 's the smiles that I give away to hide this thing I face day by day. 

They see how happy I pretend to be, will they ever see the real me? 

At night I cry my past life,

I don't let anyone know my fright. 

I'm afraid of people not accepting me for me.

I try to forget about it but it's always on my mind. 

This is one secret nobody will ever find.

I feel I'm hiding my soul, sometimes I think it's not worth anything more than coal.

In my past life, I have seen so much, 

I've been through even more. 

I feel like a stone washed up on the sandy shore. 

I lay here waiting for someone to take me away. 

It seems as though I can't decide whether to follow nor to stay. 

I go to others and I only get pushed away. 

Then I feel lonely as if I was an old bottle drifting down the bay.

I try my hardest to go on with life day by day


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