Book review: The other side of the coin

This is my second time buying this book. 

First I bought 2 books, one for me and another 1 as a gift to my friend. But in the middle of reading the book, my other friend need a book to read while waiting  for something,  so I gave mine to her. After a few months, yesterday I bought it again to finish it.

2 writers published in one book, I can't help but compare. as for my style I prefer Aiman style and thought. For Ameen part, I can say that it feel like reading a good essay.

Lots of good advices and things that relate to our daily life and our common flaws.
But some part of it are pretty theoretical and to some opinion given I need to put agree to disagree sign.can't deny the effort and the quality of this book is pretty good. Consider a good self-help book.

l love the poem section. ❤❤❤


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