Happy Teacher Day

Rebellious who become a teacher.
10 months and 18 days.
A long journey that never failed to teach me a lesson of life.
facing all sort of challenges and difficulties really help me to grow up.
the journey that is full of happiness and sorrow.
Alhamdulillah, I'm still able to hold my head up.
Even though there are times that I'm feeling like giving up.
The reward that Allah promise for those who work really hard in this field are far worth it.
My younger brother once said to me, If Allah gives you a chance to gain reward why do you want to turn it down. Because the journey is hard, that mean there are greater reward waiting for you.
Only Allah can help me to be stronger to face what ever may come.
Sometimes there are no word I can use to describe my feeling, just tear.
Too tired to say anything.
still, I understand that what I'm facing right now are nothing woth compare to what the senior teachers have gone through. Their years of working and teaching are really admiring.
This is my third year celebrating teacher day. first time was in 2013 as a trainee teacher in Jalan 3 Bangi. I didn't get a chance to even watch the performance or even attend the assembly because all 3 of us, the trainee teachers need to handle students examination. But the students were very supportive. My second time celebrating Teacher day was in 2014 when I was a substitute teacher in Sk Duyong, that was weird because I received so many presents. My car almost full and I'm not the kind of person who usually received a gift. I was afraid to accept all those gift because I know my students come from various background.
This year, I celebrated teacher day as a junior teacher. And it was the most tiring teacher day ever. I never thought that people would trust me that much to make sure that we had a successful celebration. I didn't felt like a teacher, I felt like I'm just another students celebrating my own teachers, trying to fulfil their wishes and expectation even though I'm really not good at it. I'm lucky to have Fatihah and Kak Hajar who are really supportive and helpful. Without them I'm lost.
Thanks to both of you. Handling Pengawas, Sukaneka and Performance at the same time was tough.
But after receiving pretty good respond, everything felt worth it. With a simple thank you it felt like... wow, I don't even found a proper word to describe it. Yes, I admit that not everyone satisfied with it, but I know I already tried my best. I hope you, and you and you are okay with it. I'm just a nobody.

Happy Teacher Day everyone, I know everyone have their own struggles and challenges. We are chosen to be in this career, stand up and grow stronger. May Allah rewards all the teacher out there with a lot of patient and strange. Teachers, we are the guidance, we are the awakener.

The teacher is the one who gets the most out of the lessons, and the true teacher is the learner.

 Sedap tak?? :)

 My 3 cendikiawan, ni je yang hadir. Tq surprise cake ni..:)

 Backbone teacher day SmkBT.. Memang osem

I'm lucky to have you dear.. mau pengsan if I don't have you by my side dik oiii !

As a teacher I never ask them for any gift. Aku hanya ingin menumpang sedikit kasih dan mahukan mereka berjaya dunia akhirat. Cukuplah mereka berjaya. InsyaALLAH


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