having my new baby.....

bile masa pulak aku bersalin ni??? pregnant pun impossible.. haha how come nk dpt babynye. tapi aku still dpt baby baru.. faham x ape yg aku cube sampaikan disini???

i'm in love now..
but i still miss my ex..
coz my ex is my first baby,
i have a mountain of memory with you.
oh come on baby, dont be jealous..

hehe.. you are my love now!!
there are a few people seem to be you jealous,
because you fall for me..
oh my baby.

my baby is my new INSPIRON MINI..
what do you think about the color?
it crazy just like me.
it make me


+DyRo+ said…
laptop bwu~
nice colour
rhapsody_sufi said…
sue me for that.. haha

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