how she wish she can tell people easily how she felt
how she wish she just can cry out when she feels sad
how she wish she can just smile all day long when she is happy
how she wish she can share all her burden on someone else.

but that just a wish.
nothing come as easy as what she wish for.
when an introvert trying to appear as extrovert as possible
usually it is easy for everyone else
but things always getting harder for her.

sometime her extrovert part just want to let it out whenever she can
but her introvert part just can't find the right way to do it.
every time she try, she end up having a regret.

because she don't want to have any regret
she took pride in appearing as if she cared less
as if she didn't care at all
that way she trick her own mind
knowing that once people left her behind
she won't fall as hard as when others push her

just because she kept all close, her feeling, her word and her soul
believe that what she has inside her is bigger than the world.


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