My kind of pasta sauce.

Truthfully, I actually got tired of eating my own pasta.
personally because I think I haven't stop cooking it since the last hari raya.
open houses, order from family and friends, plus for my school feast and my mama.
I'm more toward marinara kind of person rather than carbonara or alfredo sause.

Still I am happy that people like it. For this recipe it goes a long way of try and error.
even until today, I still change the recipe according to my taste. and sometime I change because to cut the cost when people order from me. I can't say that I'm taking order or sell it because it's just only personal request. 

plus please mind that recipe total not certified by anyone. just merely try and error.
if you like it, totally my pleasure to share this. This recipe for 4-5 servings.



200g small dice boneless chicken
1 onion small dice
2 tablespoon mince garlic
1/2 cup of slice celery
1 cup of mushroom
4 pieces of bay leaves
2 tablespoon butter
3 tablespoon of flour
1 liter of milk
salt and pepper(or black pepper up to your taste) to taste
1 chicken cube.
oregano and fresh parsley.
half cup of any cheese of your choice.

How to Cook?

1. heat around 3 tablespoon of oil (any cooking oil or olive oil)
2. add onion,garlic and celery. stir it for a while.
3. add your chicken and season with salt and pepper. stir until the chicken is cook.
4. put all the ingredient on one side of your pot. put your fire on the smallest volume.
5. add butter and let it melt and add the flour. stir it for a while with the whole ingredient.
5. slowly add the milk. make sure that the flour not clump together before you put the rest of the milk.
6. put the rest of the ingredient. let it cook. 
7. serve with any kind of pasta.

for variety.
add meatball and use any short pasta and turn it into one pot pasta.
boil your pasta half cook, throw the water and put the sauce you already prepare and add some meat ball. let it cook. together in one pot. then it ready to serve. p/s: for extra tang, you can even bake the pasta using the same sauce and the sprinkle with lots of mozzarella and Parmesan. 

p/s: for the thickness of the sauce, you can change according to your taste. less thick just add some water and for extra thickness your add more flour or maybe heavy cream. 

Totally ready to go. 


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