Ramadhan Reading List

Glad that I'm able to complete my reading list for Ramadhan.

Seriously. The busier you're the better you're with your time management.
Even if I have more free time, I don't think that I'm able to read this much in a month.

1. Little Prince- which I got it from Medan Airport as my souvenir from Medan Trip. Yes I was home on the first sahur. very small and cute book. eventhough this book is something meant for the kids. But I love how it remind us again about the values that we adult already forget.

2. Menjejak Cinta di Bumi Tuhan by Wardah Abdullah
One of my favourite read for this year so far. I don't know what to say but I do cry a lot for this one.
this is another compulsive book shopping, but totally worth it. do read it. Totally recommended. not a typical travelogue book.

3. Inspirasi Khutbah Nouman Ali Khan
who love his talk, would love to have this book.  really touch your heart about the beauty of the Quran.

4. Saat Aku Tergelincir lagi-Mohd Hafizul Faiz
well. this book remind me of my campus life. the pain and glory. miss it so much. remind me of the lesson I learned there and how should I use it now. facing this challenge of falling and gettng up again everyday in life.

5. Travelog Minda Tajdid : MAZA
collection of his blog post. always an eye openng statement from him. what I learned from him, is that. whatever statement you read. don't judge but think.

6.Allah Loves ME.- Jerry D Gray.
His journey to know Islam and after he revert to Islam. but there are things that I don't like. about this book too. the conspiration vs fact.

p/s: I keep my reading journal so that I can remember what I learn and hope that I will not forget it.


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