Mendidik dan dididik

Sudah masuk bulan ke-9 bergelar seorang pendidik. Walaupun masih baru, namun terasa sangat lama.
memupuk keyakinan diri untuk menyatakan aku mahu itu sangat sukar kerana aku lebih kenal siapa aku.

I have to admit that everyone have their own weakness but me it just to much.

Somethings happen two days ago and I'm totally devastated with  the situation. of course I cried a lot. I really don't know where to pour my heart out. Being a new teacher with many responsibility, is difficult to deal with.

I glad that I have my mum who really understand me and she really know how to cheer me up. Alhamdulillah.

One of my weakness is that, it hard for me to trust people but once i put my trust on them, i really give my fully. However once they break my trust, it's really painful and kind of difficult to trust them again.

ops, I'm forgot that they are my students. What am I thinking here.
I'm the teacher, and I'm the one who need to educate them.
I'm Not suppose to feel this way.
Yet, I'm still a normal HUMAN BEING.
I get hurt when people try to blame it and I don't know how to share it.

still, I believe that Allah put me in this way because HE wants me to be a better me.
Allah wants me to grow up being a better slave. InsyaAllah.

need to chin up and move on. put aside all my feeling.

May Allah gives me enough strength  to face the challenges He assign for me. InsyaALLAH

dalam mendidik aku juga terdidik.


Anonymous said…
Are you an english teacher? But lots of grammar mistakes here and there.

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