I AM SORRY!!!????

when people say sorry. there are part of it.
first: I'm so sorry
second: it was my fault
third: what can i do to make it right.

people always.. always.. say the first part. even someone say it in a very sarcastic tone.
then it make you think whether they meant or not?
as people keep on doing the same mistake and then keep on saying I'm sorry!
would you believe that they meant what they said? huh??
okay, then they go to the second part.
so they admit that they are doing something wrong and they sincerely try to ask your forgiveness.
then what? doing it again? then realize again that it is your fault?
people always forget about the third part.
what can i do to make it right?
Allah always give us chance to correct our mistake.
to do thing that goes wrongly in a right ways.
it is just matter of us.
whether we want to change it right or just let go like that.
so things that we left will always be in the wrong position because we don't want to correct it.

p/s: I'm so sorry to everyone. please forgive me for everything. if anything goes wrong between us, it was my fault. again I'm sorry. and please show me and tell me how to make it right. I'm just a person who full of weakness.


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