Happy Journaling.

When I want to be better, I need to explore more about myself. 

I need to keep on trying something that I never tried before.

Whether I'm good at it or not, trying itself is part of the process for me to live my life happily the way I want and I think worth it, not the way people want me to be.

Maybe my journey, not the same as the rest of you. Something we just can't force it to come, but put that trust that when Allah said that it the time for me and you, He will send us what the best for us. For a time being, just be happy with what we have. And keep on trying to improve ourselves.

My current obsession: journaling.

I always keep a journal, but never the way I did now.My journal usually just some thought and idea. Nothing secretive or anything. Simple journal, black and white Because I always believe that arts are just not my thing. But lately, the technology that we have really help. Especially the online tutorials and of course online shop. 

P/s: Live the way we feel happy about ourselves,  not others. And of course our life is to please Allah. InsyaAllah 


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