new sem, new life, new house

Salam you all.. finally i reach my senior year.. hooray.. i think there is no other thing that is more wonderful other than graduating.. this is my final semester in IIUM before going out there.. somewhere in some school doing my teaching practice. am i ready to be a future teacher?
i don't think so.. huhuhu
any way this semester I'm staying off campus.huhu. duduk rumah sewa kot.. usually i only got three new roomate but this year i have 11 new housemates.. wallah.. i'm so bad at remembering people name.. 11 people? hahaha i will try my best to remember all their names.
i thought that i only need to cook at home but in this house too.. too bad for them because i'm not that good at cooking but i'm good at "campak-campak stuff into the periuk".. nasib korang la ye..  i still in my adjustment period to get use to this new condition..hihihi.. wish me all the best..
~buka hati luas-luas untuk ikhlas~
rules and regulation for Bait As-Sakinah..


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