the idea that scared me.

marriage is a scary thing to me.. mama n abah try to push me to think about that matters now.. but sorry, i can't do it.  i know that my life not going to ended if i got married. it just a have a bad history with it. people around me keep on thinking that marriage is happy, beautiful thing.. for me it going to be a nightmare. n today i just had another one. marriage come with package, happiness and responsibility. don't just simply think that as you getting married "boleh elak dosa yang lebih besar".. don't give a damn about marriage if can't even pay the cost that comes with it. i'm not talking about the dowry that man have to pay.. but what comes after that!! don't think that my parent give me a bad example, they are the best parent ever.

what you need to learn before even thinking about getting married;
  1. prepare for the worst.
  2. willing to accept other as they are, if not TEACH them how to be one NOT FORCE!!
  3. TRY to learn giving your self to other.
  4. accept the family as that come with your partner as much as you want them to accept yours.
  5. learn to be Penyabar, BERTANGGUNGJAWAB, SUDI MENGALAH, you don't have to win all the time.. accept that.
  6. there are another person beside that gain the happiness or sadness in your marriage..not just two of YOU.


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