December = DREAM

Welcome December

The year of 2015 almost come to it end.

This month theme is about dream.
Soal cita-cita dan impian dan juga mimpi.

I will never know until when I am going to have this life.
Some people want me to be the way they wish me to be.
But I can't because that's not me, that would never be me.
This is me, and this way I want to be to achieve my dream.

Tak salah memasang impian yang besar sebab peluang hidup ni hanya sekali.  Dan aku layak untuk mengejar impian aku sendiri.
Tapi aku tahu aku perlu work very hard.

InsyaAllah bulan ni, aku akan mulakan untuk lunas salah satu my childhood dream.

And I want to make this statement
On my way to have and to achieve these dreams
I am so lucky to a very supportive family and friends
To all of you, I want to say thank you for accepting me the way I am.

Because I believe life is a gift

Life,  it's something we will all complete
When it will end none of us know
So our worries about it render obsolete
But these worries in our head continue to flow

My message to me
and For all who are reading this
Our life is a gift
All shiny and glistening
and sometimes it is dark and gloomy

still live every day as though it is your last
With blood in your veins,  your heart pumping fast
Grab every second, yes this one right here
None one that just past or one arriving next year
Our time is ticking,  vanishing as We wait
But something will arise,  surely it's Our fate
The answer to that,  sadly is no
So get on with it, look forward, and go


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