when my head lost it grativity...

when my head is full with japan n drama movie.. that mean i'm in love..hahahaha
or i'm in trouble... when i trying to escape from this world sometimes i goes crazy into japan n korean drama...(@_@)
(oh my.. i can't stop smiling)

two different type of drama..but love both.. one drama i can watch it even for 20 times.. japan drama i love it because of the story line.. not so much of love thing...most of japan drama bring massage about life.. even my dad say that he want his high risk student to watch one movie that we watch together so that they can get the massage... but hell, it so funny.. actor: some are kawaii, handsome?? maybe.. mostly in ok category..

korean.. actor..(speechless)..song, love it, however it so much of lovey duvey thing.. it is so funny... hahahaha...(nk suruh aku tgk drama korea kene tunggu aku berada dlm mood yg betul) haha..why?? let it be a secret k..(n_*), but whenit comes to korean drama, most of them bring you into your own fantasy world..haha..

some actor in japan n korean drama, don't really into manly style..hahaa

my latest addicttion: jang geun suk,A.N.JELL song, you're beautiful( korea), love shuffle.as always arashi, utada hikaru song.haha

p/s: kepala otak tgh senget, mmg mcm ni...abaikan..i'm just crazy..


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